Boho Ring Set

A gorgeous collection of seven tribal brass rings and awesome brass bracelet cuff. I love the delicateness of these brass rings, they almost look like golden tattoos on your fingers. They are also adjustable so fit everyone!

The listing is for the seven rings and bracelet featured in the first photo

Please look after your rings, don't get them wet as raw brass is a reactive metal and can leave a small green print, because of this i have made this set as cheap and cheerful a price as possible (£37.50 bargain for an entire set!)

I will package them with a seal bag, keep them in there to look after them :-)

two of the finer shaped rings are more delicate than the others, i really like the mix of finer lines with thicker one's, however if your worried that you wouldn't be able look after these more delicate rings, just message me and i will replace them with two sturdier designs, one of which will be a double, the other a different kind. They will look just as nice :-)